Blessing Bracelets

The Good Life Boutique has the movie featured Hallmark Blessing Bracelets

Counting our Blessings is the antidote to today's hectic, fast-paced life.   Blessing Bracelets and remembering all that we have in our lives to be thankful for is the perfect gift to ourselves and those we love.  Give Yourself a Moment.

Blessing Bracelets were recently featured in a Hallmark movie, highlighting the benefits of focusing on and appreciating our blessings. The four stones on each Blessing Bracelet allow you to stop and focus on and be grateful for your blessings. 

Blessing Bracelets is the gift that makes people smile and thank you for your kindness and sentiments.  These will be the gift that your loved ones and friends remember.  Their message to be mindful and grateful of your blessings will resonate with whomever you give these beautifully, hand-crafted bracelets. 

Blessings for Everyone

The idea behind Blessing Bracelets is incredibly simple, but the impact they can make is enormous. Blessing Bracelets are available in a variety of semi-precious stones and either sterling or 14- karat-gold-filled, so you're sure to find the bracelet that will appeal to you and those in your life. Send this heartfelt gift to someone special today and grab one for yourself.