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-About Us

A Letter To You From Us


Opening in May, 2007, The Good Life Gift Boutique, is one of Long Beach Island, (LBI), NJ’s favorite lifestyle boutiques and a “go to” for many who frequent and live on or close to this beautiful barrier Island.  We proudly offer a “freshness,” and a “lot of a little cute,” with a sprinkle of imaginative sparkle…… inspire your everyday celebrations, gift giving and beautiful living.

We believe that shopping and working at The Good Life should be “fun.”  So, you will find a store filled with a little bit of whimsy, and a lot of unique and happy.  We love finding “just the right” products and work to give you a carefully curated collection of jewelry, women’s apparel and accessories, gifts for baby, and lifestyle living.  An expansive selection of exclusive, customized LBI items completes our product assortment. 

You’ll find premiere and Made in America brands that we have carefully sourced for you.  We are proud of the products we carry and we invite you to experience our thoughtfully created collection of women’s clothing, Tango Alley – fun, fashion forward designs that you will confidently and stylishly wear. 

For years, our customers have asked us to create an online shopping experience.  With the introduction of our Tango Alley line of women’s clothing, we felt the time was right.  We want The Good Life Gift Boutique to be your “go to” shopping destination year-round, regardless of where you live.

You, our customers and our staff, are the heart and soul of The Good Life’s success.  A big shout out to our customers – thank you for making us laugh, for laughing with us, and for your continued support!  You are so appreciated, and we are so very grateful for your confidence in us!! 

Shop The Good Life Gift Boutique, where gift giving is fun and easy.  When it’s time to choose a gift for yourself or for a special someone in your life, we are here to help you find that thoughtfully selected, awesomely received gift.



Nancy worked in Marketing Research her entire career prior to starting The Good Life Gift Boutique.  Her experience helping companies create products, advertising and understanding the consumer definitely played an important part of the success of The Good Life Gift Boutique. 

Nancy’s passion is her non-profit, Do Good Foundation, focused on bringing life skill practices to kids on Mindfulness, Kindness, Gratitude and Positive Thinking.  She coaches kids on these practices and works with them individually as well as within school systems.   She is looking forward to expanding the program throughout the NJ school districts. 

Nancy has rescued Cocker Spaniels her entire adult life.  Her current sidekicks are Dodger, an American Cocker, Marla, an English Cocker and the newest addition, Fin, an English Field Springer Spaniel puppy who always makes her laugh!!  This crew stands ready to help her choose product, create an ad or just listen when the need arises!